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PostSubject: ARCHIBALD (Roman) RETURNS! :D   Mon Apr 18, 2011 1:51 am

You have read it, my friends, the daunted dog, disabled by his hand, has escaped the jaws of death, and will now be trying to frequently get online with you all! And yes, I'm exaggerating a bit on his recovery, but i'm rather excited myself, so..Yes, Roman, also known as 'Archibald', is coming back! And to Melo: He's wanting to see you again rather badly, you know, he enjoyed RPing with you. Though, that's for later.

Now..The lesser good news...

Roman, sadly, won't be able to come on 24/7, though He WILL be living with me again, though he will be under good watch, in case his hand acts up, again. He will be on atleast..Once or twice a week, usually on weekends, but if he can, he'll try to log on sometime during the week.

Your Loyal Pack RaT, and favourite OP Russian (And Melo's punching bag)
~ Duvarchok Flikarov / Kirill <3
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