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 Christy Anne Lynne, the Righteous.

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PostSubject: Christy Anne Lynne, the Righteous.   Sun Apr 10, 2011 6:43 am


Body Shaping - Christy is a very tiiiny human, measuring up to roughly 5'0 1/2-ish. (Lets start from the head and down, with a bit more detail than Erariel's backstory, Woo!) Her head is set to scale with her body, not some enormous circle thats barely held in place by a puny neck, which is our next discussion! Concerning her neck, its small, but still follows the size of the rest of her body and head. Oh, right, shoulders. Those're smaller too, not very broad, but they still are muscooolaaaaaaar. Moving down to her tooorso, guess what, she's flat too. I just doon't like my characters to have big breasts, haah. Her arms are pretty tiny, but they sure aren't wimpy. She has a nice set'a muscles on 'em, her right one being the dominant. Her stomach, mehehhe, she's got a six pack, and has absolutely NO GUT. Her waist is, you guessed it, tiny. She has a decent body-shape, curve-wise, although its nothing drastic, or noticeable, as she's usually completely covered. Her legs are thin, short, and pretty muscular. Her feet are extremely tiny, similar to her little, cute hands. :3.

ONTO THE NEXT ONE. *DAHDAHDAHHHDAHHHHHHHHHH.* <- That was supposed to be a dramatic sounding music thinger. yeah.

Hair! - My, my, where to start! Well, we'll begin with the fringe... Alright! The right side reaches down to the top of her right eye, which is the remainder of the large group of hair on the left side, thats swept over to the right. Most of the left side of face is covered by poorly cut, unkempt, but still straight hair. Parted from about the middle part of her head, on the left side, is where she parts her hair (Obvious stuff, trololol.) The colour is a darkdarkdarkdarkdark black, AS DARK AS IT CAN GET, YO. (That felt somewhat racist. o.o.) With two longer parts of her hair, tied into little pigtails, which works out cause of this wonderful thing of laaaaaaayers. The pigtails reach down beneath her waist line, cause yeah, she has freakish-ly long hair. (For an example of the bang/fringe style of her hair;
Same colour, length, and bang-style. Just the bottom part is different. The freakish-ly long part of her hair, hangs down loosely behind her. The bottom part cut down towards the middle, which is longer than the sides. It flows nicely in the wind, or breeze, she looks pretty damn mysterious with her hair like so.
Same bangs, colour, length, ect. Anyways, instead of wearing it down, or having it in pigtails, she does this really cooooooooool thing. (xD.) With her hair pulled tightly back behind her, in a tail-like deal, almost. With it pulled back, she has a white silk ribbon, woven in an intricate style. The bottom is just normal hair, meh. I'll give you an example. (Stolen from Final Fantasy, harhar. >Very Happy. But, its still shorter than hers. Haah.

Ho'kay. I'm being a lazy bum now. . Same. Face. Deal. Yeah, got it? Hoookay. It pretty much shows it all, haah.

(My god, this is going to be long.)
JACKET- She wears a long jacket, the front buttoned down to right above her waistline. (ITS FOR DOGS, BUT LOL, WHO CARES. IT WORKS. xDD. . [That'd be cute, on a puppy. :3]) Mehhehe. Anyways, the two tails of the jacket reach down beneath her knee's, ending in a sharp point. She has the top part buttoned up to the final button. The collar neatly folded downwards. On the collar is a white lace, (Similiar to the trim on many Victorian-style dresses, and other clothing similar to so.) The lace is well kept, and looks to be of a decent quality. The shoulders are normal, and don't have the pads or whatever. (xD.) The sleeves are a bit too long for her, and go down a little bit further than the palm of her hands. The cuffs at the bottom of her sleeves at button-closed (Those that close with a button, inviting button-cover accents)

ATTENTION IS LOST ONCE AGAIN. LOL. Soooo, yar. I'll finish it later. gonna' go onlein nao. :3.
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Christy Anne Lynne, the Righteous.
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