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 Draconia's backstory

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PostSubject: Draconia's backstory   Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:39 pm

Have fun reading:
There are stories which are never told,
There are chants which never get old,
But some tales are passed on by mouth and race…
In this story, that’s just the case…
The story involving a great act,
Events happening because of one small pact.
This is the story of a drake,
Draconia Fierax.

The beginning, the making of bonds…

“Draconia, a drake at that time of her life, lives near the Obsidian Dragonshrine in a cave dug out by her own hands. She spent most of her days here and outside to hunt for prey. Most days dull and boring occasionally a foolish traveler venturing in the cave only to be scorched or eaten, some might have escaped but heavily injured, she was quite the territorial drake. But then, everything changed, magnataurs invading her own cave, with a full raid of about 16 men, an overpowering force. The magnataurs were busy securing territory to make their imprint on Dragonblight. Draconia was driven out easily, only able to have felled about 4 of them before she had to retreat, spears sticking in her scaly and muscled body, her wing slightly torn and the other badly bruised, one of her horns was cut in half, her nose would be torn open, she also sustained many cuts on her belly and legs, making a final leap for the one sanctuary present there, Wyrmrest Temple, finally arriving there she crashed down onto the stone floor, the chamber was quite empty except for a red and blue drake. These two drakes would be ‘Averan Skybane, the Red’ and the blue spellweaver ‘Elipse’. These two drakes rushed to her immediately seeing as how she stained the floor with her blood and her physical condition. They instantly called out for a green dragon which could heal the greater wounds, Ishanara arrived, a great green wyrm, she took care of the major cuts on Draconia’s belly as well as the torn wing. Draconia’s state was better after the healing process and was offered a place to stay until she recovered and if she would like to she could stay as well. She spent a good 5 days resting and regaining some of her strength her wounds recovering slowly as scars already appeared on the places where the minor cuts were. That fifth day is when she met the fellow black drake who went by the name ‘Kortharion the Black’. For the first time in five days she actually stood up to socialize with the fellow drakes and wyrms present there, her prime objective to get to know Kortharion. In the beginning the chat between them was a bit rusty but it grew much more open as the chat progressed, both sharing stories, these chats would happen quite often through the course of 2 weeks, the two black drakes growing very accustomed to each other, both their feelings growing to one another. Until one day Kortharion took a choice, when Draconia was sleeping in the chamber of aspects Kortharion joined her, laying himself by her side slightly cuddling Draconia, his tail laying himself on top of Draconia’s. Draconia would slowly wake up after 5 minutes or so, noticing that Kortharion was laying next beside her she lifted her head to look at him, suddenly noticing the tail laying on hers, without even thinking she let her tail wrap up around his, as Kortharion would slowly do the same. Draconia’s face beaming with happiness as she’d slowly lower her head to the floor again, feeling Kortharion’s head lay itself on top of her neck, feeling a wet tongue pass by her neck, they remained so exchanging loving whispers to each other, expressing their love and desires to each other… this is how the relation started between Kortharion and Draconia, loving consorts.”

“The two lovers soon began to inhabit a cave inside of the Obsidian Dragonshrine, still holding ties to the Wyrmrest accord and mostly spending their time their until Draconia laid her eggs. The relationship between the two quickly sowed seeds, after 8 years Draconia laid about 5 eggs. From this point Draconia would barely exit the cave, just to safeguard her eggs. After some time, the first egg would hatch, the first born was given the name “Laceron” a healthy male black hatchling… but after that… the troubles began to brew…”

“The other eggs took way longer to hatch, the eggs still healthy nonetheless but just taking their time, this slightly worried Draconia but she did not bother too much and took care of the eggs and her hatchling, raising him. Kortharion however seemed to grow.. distant, he began to change over the years…months…days… he was more absent than present at their lair and the accord, whenever he’d return he seemed distant, aggressive and not wanting the talk about his whereabouts, this began to worry Draconia greatly. Strange enough the drakes of the Wyrmrest Temple did not seem to worry about the sudden change of personality, all giving Draconia the excuse of him being nervous to be a father. She sighed at all the excuses, not believing one of them as she one day talked Averan into guarding her roost whilst she went to track Kortharion to his whereabouts, little did she know was that the Blue dragon Elipse was following her, he was as well curious about on how Kortharion changed. Draconia arrived in the clearing of a forest, the ground slightly charred and a bush ablaze, there she saw Kortharion negotiating with one of the ‘corrupted’ black… The pieces of the puzzle fell together, she instantaneously came to the conclusion that Kortharion was on the verge of corruption. She did not want any of the Wyrmrest accord to know this information, but to her mal fortune Elipse was present as well, having made the same conclusion as Draconia, he quickly teleported himself away right to the top of the Wyrmrest Temple, awaiting for Averan’s return from Draconia’s roost, eager to tell him the truth for the sake of the Wyrmrest Temple. Draconia returned, sending Averan back to the Temple as she’d take her place in her roost again, taking care of little Laceron, awaiting the return of her consort. Kortharion finally got back, Draconia took initiative and began to cuddle and such with Kortharion, he happily obliged as they’d slowly fall asleep, having enjoyed each other’s company. Draconia was happy that this happened knowing that Kortharion still loved her… but then ‘that day’ happened… after one of his absences he returned more aggressive as ever, in this fit of rage Kortharion ravaged around the Temple. He was cussing every drake, wyrm and such near him, dragon kin and dragon sworn alike, snapping at several, lunging at others, some would be wounded wincing as they’d leave the temple for a while, just to avoid the black’s rage. Until the final action of Kortharion, he actually engaged the green dragon Ishanara in a fight, the abyssal strength of the black easily overpowering the green’s miniature strength. Ishanara was felled by Kortharion’s claw, both Averan and Elipse witnessing this as they’d brew up a plan to bring down the corrupted black. Elipse quickly send word to a sentinel to fetch Draconia, sending an additional sentinel so that this one could guard the roost, knowing Draconia wouldn’t leave without someone guarding said place. As soon as Draconia heard the news and got to the conclusion that the additional sentinel would guard her roost she rushed out of the Dragonshrine. As she flew as quick as possible to the temple she began to hear loud roars, snapping teeth, coming forth from the chamber of aspects… coming to the conclusion there was a fight going on, when she finally arrived at the place she saw the huge blue dragon, Elipse, fight with her beloved. She quickly rushed in at a moment where the two combatants where facing each other in what seemed was a stand of, quickly flying between the two as she’d yell out. “Why is there fighting going on in the sanctuary that is Wyrmrest Temple, Elipse why must you attack my consort? What has he done?!” Kortharion behind Draconia would take this moment to regain his strength slightly slumping down and licking his wounds. Elipse would quickly snap back at Draconia as he’d motion the lifeless corpse of Ishanara “The beast slew our fellow drake right in this temple, this is unheard of HE HAS BEEN CORRUPTED, I was there at the clearing with that other black wyrm, I am aware of him being corrupted so is Averan!” Upon hearing this Draconia would let out a whimper as a tear rolls over her scaly cheek, lowering her head lightly as she’d then reply. “I cannot.. let this happen! I can change him.. I am sure I can!” Little did she know was that Kortharion behind her slowly rose himself from the ground as he’d open his maw, a spark of fire seen, Elipse would open his mouth as it was too late, a sudden burst of fire sprouting from Kortharion’s maw, aimed for his consort, Draconia… after this all went black for her…”

“In the Obsidian Dragonshrine, things weren’t so gory, but rather fun, the red sentinel guarding over the roost soon began to play some sort of game with the hatchling; amusing the little one as they’d continue to play, until later events occurred.”

“A red flash swooped in front of the cone of fire, dragging the body of Draconia with himself, Draconia was unconscious her back badly charred. She was saved by the red dragon Averan. The blue and black dragon quickly continuing their fight, lashes of spells flying around and red hot flames sprouting from the maw of the black. Soon Averan joined the assault on the black, soon overpowering him, as the final blow would be given by Averan, Elipse blinded Kortharion would a quick spell to his eyes as Averan flew up and came down quickly onto Kortharion snapping at his neck, upon impact a loud tearing and soak-y sound would be heard, Averan had driven his teeth through the neck of Kortharion, with such a force he almost beheaded the now lifeless dragon. Averan quickly ordered a sentinel to bring word to the guardian sentinel at the roost of Draconia, this message was that any eggs in the shrine would need to be destroyed, including the hatchling… but this time fortune did smile upon Draconia, the smart hatchling was playing hide and seek with the red sentinel, he hid himself in a space only someone of his size could enter, he stayed her until Draconia’s result, the dragon sentinel soon reached the guardian, as he’d proceed to smash the eggs to smithereens after doing this he forgot about the hiding hatchling, thinking it was already taken care of. After this Elipse teleported Draconia back to her roost, feeling slight remorse for Draconia because of the destruction of her precious eggs and hatchling, so he thought. After 2 hours Draconia awoke, blinking as she’d peer around her, turning her head to look around she’d suddenly burst into tears seeing the broken egg shells, all oozy. She’d let out a whimpering roar of anger and sadness as she’d suddenly hear the flapping of tiny wings, the hatchlings face riddled with fear, having witnessed the destruction of the eggs, quickly nuzzling himself between Draconia’s torso and her wing, Draconia was overjoyed apart from the fact that her roost was destroyed, seeing that at least Laceron survived. On that day she swore to never set foot into that ‘blasted’ temple again, slamming the entrance so that rocks and rubble fall infront of entrance of her cave in the Dragonshrine. So that she could raise Laceron properly…”

Every rose is beautifull, no matter what the color.
But every rose, also has it's thorns
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Draconia's backstory
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