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 Erariel 'Loveless'

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PostSubject: Erariel 'Loveless'   Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:16 am

FYI; Erariel Calls herself 'Loveless' when she can, which is usually written down. As she can't speak, which, you'll learn / read about.


Body Shaping - Being very small, which is somewhat surprising with her being a Demon Hunter, she stands a substantial amount less than most Kal'dorei. Her body is very thin, and her bones are seen pressed against her skin in multiple places, such as her; Elbows, ankles, shoulders. Which is somewhat common, its just more pronounced on her. Even though she's quite petite, her muscles are still visible, and are shown openly, as she doesn't wear too much (But that'll be further explained in the Clothing Section). She's pretty much flat, which sums it up right on the spot, this being mainly due to her athletic nature.

Hair - Her hair is a deep purple, that matches the runes etched into her chest, which are a lighter tone, as well as her 'clothes'. Flowing loosely behind her back, the length of her hair reaches beneath her waist, the bottom being tousled into soft curls, some are even ringlets. A loose fringe of bangs is pushed behind her well, horns, which the topic of that will be expanded on.. later. She keeps her hair very hygienic, as she can't stand it being otherwise. Now, I know what your thinking, 'Wheres all the demonhunter pwnge stuff'zors. /trolltrolltroll' Well, just wait, it's coming up soon enough, although right now she sounds pretty innocent.

Face - Her face is very thin, and well, 'small' with her visible features pronounced. Her nose is small, and matches her face perfectly, not being to big, or.. yeah. With her lips being thin as well, she used to be referenced as a 'doll', when she wasn't well, corrupted. Which will be further explained, soon enough. Her cheekbones are just plain ol' average, nothing special here. Oh, she also refrains from wearing make-up as well, she tried it once, got called a crazy-looking goof, by some weird dwarf drunkard, who's name I forgot...

Clothing - She wears a black-colored band across her chest, just 'enough' to cover -THAT- stuff up. Its very ragged, and is tied into a crude knot in the back. Of course, she has the traditional blindfold on, colored a dark purple, just a slight difference from her hair, its also extremely ragged, with a similar knot holding it up. Sometimes she'll wear sleeves, but not to often, but when she does, guess what color THOSE are. Yeah, it's purple. Usually made from the same material as her blindfold / torso-covering thing. Moooving on, hah, Tauren reference (/trollatgarne.) She wears a long kilt, split on both sides, starting from her hips. Otherwise, her mobility would be much to limited. The fabric of her kilt is surprisingly soft, and is well-kept. Its fabrics lined with purple runes, projected off of her skin beneath it. She doesn't wear shoes, pshht, who needs 'em.

Piercings - She's got none.

(Here's the good stuff, that's probably going to be REALLY long, not sure. xD.)

Physical Demonic Corruption(s)

(Note that the format of this will be different, sorry for the change of it.)

Erariel's body is lined with many different markings, scars, and the usual stuff that most warriors have. But, theres something wrong, after taking a second look, you can figure out that those aren't just ordinary scars, or markings... Her chest has a large amount of corruption on it, being one of the main places that she can channel her demonic powers from, which is evident from the runes on it. Her heart, is seen as a black splotch through her skin, the veins that stretch out from it and travel across her body, are also black. Guess what she has.. Black blood! Yeah, good job. (/Golfclap.) Her veins follow the normal anatomy of Kal'dorei. But, her arteries, those are a bit different. Her arteries are twisted, many turn sharply, instead of gradually, and have runic patterns etched into them, and most have black splotches around them, that stretch outwards. ( Visit for an example, just ignore the center design, mainly focused on the splatter spots around it.) A multitude of these are found on her skin, quite a few also being on most of her joints. She does have the usual scars, and what-not, one major one placed on her left hip. It stretches from the front, to about her mid-back, arching upwards. Ouchies. Now then, concerning her face, this ones going to be fun. Well, here goes! The major feature on her face, that's visible at almost all times, would be the two horns that have surfaced out of her forehead. The horns are mainly black, with purple runes etched into their hard surface. Their only small at the time, just little 'nubs' right now. Surrounding the base of the horns, is her skin, yes. But, with the similar black splotches around them, but the normal rounded shapes being lines that stretch out of the base of them, eventually curling inwards. Some being lined with small runes. Now then, moving down to the mystery behind that blindfold of hers.. Behind it, the slightly visible dark purple lights are soon to be explained. Without her blindfold, all that remains are two empty black sockets of where her eyes were before, scorched out of existence. Now, what has taken her once silver eyes, is two swirling vortex's of fel energy. The main color being purple, as stated earlier, intertwined with a crimson red. They swirl about wildly, unless she wills them not to do so, then their just a soft purple glow, with a light tinge of silver in it. Moving down from her eyes, the black lines that stretch from her eyes reach down to her cheek-bones, wrapping around them, before finally stopping after reaching the middle of them. A small rune placed in the middle, etched deeply into her skin, these look different from the others, as if they were burned into her skin. Ah, yes, the mouth. One side of her mouth stretches up higher than the other when she grins, accompanied by a fierce row of jagged teeth, which are surprisingly white, once again, hygiene. Her native Kal'dorei fangs longer than most, that sometimes pierce into her lower lip, which isn't her fault.

MISCELLANEOUS - Did you know, that Erariel has no tongue? She cut it out, as she hated her voice, as it had pushed someone to killing themselves, or as she thought anyways. That someone being her daughter, Vanethiel, who some of you -MAY- know. Who, she believes is dead. And, her husband, was killed, so yeah. She's got no one.

Although she comes across all scary and creepy-stuffz, Erariel actually cares deeply for those who she befriends. She's been known to go to surprising extents to prove her friendship and caring attitude to others.

Erariel became a Demon hunter due to the fact that she had no friends, family, or acquaintances left in her life. She was all alone. And so, she went to seek the honorable way of life, for those who traveled it consider it so anyways, others well, yeah. So, she sought a way of life to protect her people, so they wouldn't suffer the extreme pain that she did.

AND, That is all. Thanks for reading it! Please, if you have the time, comment your opinion(s). Very Happy.
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PostSubject: Nice :D   Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:40 pm

Nicely written, had fun reading it.

Good job Hazel Very Happy. -Hug-

Every rose is beautifull, no matter what the color.
But every rose, also has it's thorns
Plague, world's greatest and most powerfull poison, mended and embraced into an even bigger power, who can possibly withstand that?
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PostSubject: Re: Erariel 'Loveless'   Tue Apr 05, 2011 8:20 am

Interesting read. I like the image you give off with it, and you can totally imagine it while reading it. Smile

Your style of writing, is, as always, interesting, entertaining, and a bit humorous. Razz

Your innocence, direct avoidance of 'Bad words' or whatever makes me giggle, but that's just me. x)

The fact about the tongue was a nice trait in my opinion. Surprised And you carry it very well. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Erariel 'Loveless'   Sun Apr 10, 2011 5:37 am

Mwah, Mwah, Mwah, Mwah. <- Those are the noises of french people blowing kisses.

Anyways, thanks Rez'ie, Mewo.


Haah, I'm not sure whether I should feel glad that you pointed out the fact that I didn't drop any -BADWORDBAWWWMBS-. But, yeah, I like adding humour, in my own crazy, little twisted way. It just makes it more fun to type, and better for people to read. Very Happy. But yeeeeeeeeeah, I like not having a tongue. Erariel gets to express her feelings / words in body language, which gets to be pretty crazy at times. Worst one was when she climbed up onto a ceiling and hung there by one of the support beams. 'Twas some fun stoffz.

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PostSubject: Re: Erariel 'Loveless'   

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Erariel 'Loveless'
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