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 All my characters' BASIC information!

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PostSubject: All my characters' BASIC information!    Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:35 am

Well, instead of writing a large wall of text with meaningless details and lots of words that will not be read, I decided to split the story of my characters into topics. Lets start with Nyra, shall we?

Name: Nyra Moonbreeze
Age: 324 years old in humans' age
Birthplace: Auberdine, Darkshore
Family: Delilah Moonbreeze - Mother (deceased), Entriphis Moonbreeze - father (deceased), Fyra Moonbreeze - Sister
Current Address: Classified
Religion: Druidism
Main weapon: Nature, aided by Melee
Resistances: Immune to the elements
Weaknesses: Claustrophobic, lacks skills in combat (Owns experience in healing though)
Enemies: Cassandrah Heavyblade, Rasrors, Shilen MoonDancer

Name: Fyra Moonbreeze
Age: 244 years old in humans' age
Birthplace: Auberdine, Darkshore
Family: Delilah Moonbreeze - Mother (deceased), Entriphis Moonbreeze - father (deceased), Nyra Moonbreeze - Sister
Current Address: Unknown
Religion: None
Main weapon: Melee and lightning
Resistances: Lightning and can easily block any melee attacks
Weaknesses: Shares the claustrophobic fear with her sister, despite weaker
Enemies: None

Name: Simone / Luura (disguise)
Age: About 2000 years old in humans' age
Birthplace: Unknown
Family: None
Current Address: Her own dimension
Religion: Demonic (Succubi)
Main weapon: Fel, possession, shrieking, poison, shadow and melee
Resistances: Can't be poisoned, immune to fel
Weaknesses: Holy Light
Enemies: Tarani Shadowleaf, Aeon Knightmare, Alari, Fauron Brightbane

Name: Patricia Xandria, 'the Trollslayer'
Age: 32
Birthplace: Lakeshire, Redridge Mts.
Family: Albert Rangstein - Father (Deceased), Elizabeth Rangstein - Mother (Missing)
Current Address: Wanders around the inns
Religion: Shadow
Main weapon: Melee, Shadow and Fire
Resistances: Resistant to Shadow Magic, she usually carries a large bulwark that allows her to block most of the attacks
Weaknesses: No specific weakness
Enemies: Shilen MoonDancer, Rawleen, Atal'alarion Ros'Jin, Rasrors, Cassandrah Heavyblade, Plagueshifter Rezaka, Utlok, Durk, Tarani Shadowleaf, most of the Shadow Aegis Company

I'll write the remaining characters tomorrow, I'm tired for now... Sleep
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PostSubject: Re: All my characters' BASIC information!    Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:32 am

I'll go and give a brief explanation of my others aswell, now you're at it, Characters would be Varratackaz, Nishara, Ashjinara, Draconia and 'Inferno'
First off, Varra
Name: Varratackaz
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Draenor, like alot of Draenei
Familiy: Noruza (Mother) (Died at Exodar crash), Feronus (Father), other kin unknown
Main weapon(s): Polearm and bow or when tempered severly, claws, horns, wings and well you get the point.
Resistance(s): Immune to Fel energy, nothing else really.
Weakness(es): Being tempered by giving Fel energy. (Felsworn)
Enemy(ies): Shilen MoonDancer (Bad history)

Next up Nishara
Name: Nishara (Khallian?)
Age: 100 - 150
Birthplace: Silvermoon City, Eversong Woods.
Family: The Khallian Bloodline
Main weapon(s): A claymore, two daggers or a red mist.
Resistance(s): None.
Weakness(es): Ice and water magic
Enemy(ies): Everyone on her hitlist.

Name: Ashjinara
Age: Approx. 300 years
Birthplace: Astranaar
Family: All deceased
Main weapons: Claws and teeth. (Feralkin)
Resistance(s): Nature magic
Weakness(es): Fire magic and fire itself.
Enemies: Any Naga.

Name: Draconia
Age: Approx 4000
Birthplace: Obisian Dragonshrine
Family: The Whole Black Flight
Main weapons: Two handed axe, or teeth and claws. Aswell as a move called 'Shadow Flame' (Yes, a black dragon)
Resistance(s): Fire.
Weakness(es): Arcane magic.
Enemy(ies): Corrupted Black Black Dragonflight, Infinite Dragonflight, Corrupted Blue Dragonflight.

Name: 'Inferno'
Age: 190
Birthplace: Somewhere in Eversong.
Family: Deceased
Main weapons: Shadow magic, necromancy.
Resistance(s): Fel magic (to some extend) shadow magic. (Not immune aswell)
Weakness(es): Meelee combat.
Enemy(ies): Anyone not alligned with the Scourge.

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All my characters' BASIC information!
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