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 Melo 'The Rose' Khallian

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PostSubject: Melo 'The Rose' Khallian   Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:12 am

(( Consider this a report, or a story, rather than a background I just sat down and wrote ))

Melo is a royal of the Khallian family of Silvermoon. She was unsure of her family relations until recently where her sister had told her about her last name and origins. As a small child, Melo's parents and two of her sisters were killed. No one knows really who killed them, or why they were killed. Rumors went of a political assassination, which is most likely the truth. About Melo... Well, there's not much to say. She was mostly shunned as a child due to her half-Elven nature. Her mother, during political travels, had slept with a Human, and thus Melo as the bastard Child was born.

Most of her time as a child, Melo spent in the city of Silvermoon. Learning the hardships of street urchin and the likes the hard way. Melo quickly adapted to the 'Survival of the fittest' style. Often, she would pickpocket from others to get something to eat, or even directly steal from shops. She was caught from time to time, but Melo generally sustained. She learned the way of the Sin'Dorei hierachy as well, and despised the nobles. Through all of this, Melo came to hate the city of Silvermoon as a whole. Melo would gather enough money to flee from the city and into Eversong Woods. Here she'd gather what she could, sometimes receiving help from others, and Melo grew fond of the free life 'on the road.'

Melo encountered a Blood Mage, who was willing to take her in. Not much was known of where she was trained or why the blood mage took her in. Even Melo was kept in the dark. All she was told was that the mage had seen a large, growing amount of potential in her, one that shouldn't go to waste. It has rumored the Blood Mage was a friend of the family, and had been for many years. He simply did her parents a favour, by supplying Melo with tools to live on. After a few years of training, she was abducted by the Defias, where she was trained as a thief and assassin. Again, little to nothing is known about Melo's time here. She was kept a slave at first, but the warden was often pickpocketed or cheaten upon by Melo, which might have been why she was chosen for training. Melo accepted reluctantly and her training begun. She quickly picked on and she was keen to learn and quick as well. Her elven reflexes, slyness, and grace often helped her.

After many years and further training, Melo heard of a small group of people who hid in a tavern called The Gilded Rose. She quickly was admitted into their ranks, and rose quickly through them. After about a year, she was promoted to the second highest rank, The Rose. She took this rank and made it her title and her symbol. She helped the current leader in many of the guild's tasks, and even took on missions for the guild herself.

During her time here, she met a lot of interesting friends, and made a lot of new allies, as well as learned many new abilities. One of the more interesting, and lesser known episodes, is actually very disturbing. Melo apparently found several powerful relics, or artifacts. Using these relics, and help from different mages and shamans, she bound the Elementals to herself. All of them, which were Princes. This greatly increased her magical capabilities, along with giving her new allies. This also made her a much more dangerous foe, I have reports of one of her Elementals apparently drowning someone by forcing itself inside said person. Another report is that a fire Elemental, would touch someone's weapon, and over-heat it to the point where it was no longer graspable.

The greatest of these. A Fire Elemental, called Lord Emberflare. Melo was the first to bind to herself. She inherited much of his strength, from what we've heard. The greatest of all, was an attunement with the Element of Flame. Melo controls this Element easily now, through the aid of Emberflare. He has granted her such an 'allegiance' that her own flame will -never- hurt her, even if reflected back at her. She, because of this very attunement. calls the flame magic that resides within her, her 'Inner Flame'. Not only can she adjust the heat within her own body, or suit herself in flames, but her very flames seems to have life of their own, due to her Elemental attunement. She, also as a sort of 'side-effect' from this, radiates heat. Her body-warmth will almost always be very high, her attunement with Fire and her almost love for the flame, makes her like it this way.

I've also heard several things about amulets Melo seems to carry with her. Two of them, are crescent moons. One made of a silvery metal that we believe Melo obtained from her sister, Melanie. Melanie seemed to have a grand affiliation (Possibly obesssion?) with silver, even her eyes and hair are said to be silver. The other, is made from Elune-metal, and given to her by TGR's (The Gilded Rose) former leader, Turianoss. It is said that he channeled a moon-strike spell through this amulet, and that Melo wore it as she considered Turianoss part of her family.

Another amulet is a Zal'Mani amulet. (Possibly a derivation of Zul'Amani? This is unsure, but evidence suggests it isn't. ) It's not clear precisely when, or why, Melo received this, but we have indications that it was either a Runemaster, or a troll which have gifted it to her. Melo herself have on several occasions told her guildmates it was " A gift from her Master. " (Whoever that might be.) It apparently has allowed Melo to enter a state of rage where-in she feels no pain, and can't specify between friend or foe, this might have a connection to her blood magic. She will also tend to enter a lesser version of this stage, if she is provoked or angry enough, as I have heard of several times where she has attempted to kill or killed guildmates.

A whole fourth amulet. (Yes I know she carries a ton of amulets, I was pondering upon this as well, possibly they all strengthen her in some way or another?) Is an amulet, seemingly made of Elune-metal as well, but encased in thick ice. From what I've heard, it is a guardian amulet, and Melo might very well be the last of the guardians. (Seeing as how she is one of the few, if not the only, Khallian left. ) Very little is known, but it is said to apparently have the ability to control an Ice Princess. (Read up on Elementals for the prince and princess specification.) It has only been seen on a few occasions, and Melo has apparently fought and bested her in arena combat. Yes it imitates a real living person, and feelings, so I am calling it a she. Her name is Felkayaa, and she is able to regenerate via the humidity of the air, and can easily encase a full-grown man in ice. I even heard a story that Melo killed someone once, where she afterwards had Felkayaa encase the body in complete unmelting ice. (A constant power source, to prevent melting?) Which Melo, kept in her private quarters as a trophy.

She has met several friends along the way who did not reside with the guilds. One of them is Atal'Alarion Ros'jin, a Amani Troll, whose blood was infused with her own. And has shared many memories with her, he has also taught her a lot of things about life, including partly self-control, and how to divert her anger otherwhere. Melo gained most of her knowledge about trolls this way, and this has helped her gain great respect for the Amani. Melo also learned about both the horrors of the Amanis, and the Elves whom they fought.

When a huge war broke out, between several kingdoms guilds, and The Gilded Rose, Melo was split. She had no idea what to do, but followed Turi blindly. She didn't like his plan, nor believed the war would turn out in their favour, so she did something else. She gathered rebels, inside The Gilded Rose, and spoke with the leaders of the other kingdoms and guilds. They all established a plan, to betray Turianoss, and the loyalists, and to overthrow them so Melo might gain control over The Gilded Rose.

Their plan suceeded, Melo (literally) backstabbed Turianoss, and he later died from the wounds. The kingdoms quickly over-ran the rest of the loyalists, and Melo gained power over The Gilded Rose, for a short while.

Melo's inspiration to Runes, was two old Runemasters from TGR. Two humans, one of them a runemaster who often helped Melo, and were her mentor, sort of, for a little while. He inspired Melo to run this path especially, by showing her the knowledge he had, and the power of Runes. Since Melo's betrayal of Turianoss, Melo never sees this man, and she has since taught herself how to use runes, following the advice he gave to her, and small guidance from others.

After Melo's betrayal of Turianoss and The Gilded Rose, Melo was often hunted by assassins, or loyalists from TGR. During this time, she fled with her most trusted friend, Meridia. Meridia was a Draenei, whom Melo had been fortunate enough to meet during her time with The Gilded Rose. They had quickly become friends, and they grew a strong and tight-knit friendship over the long time they spent together. Nearly always seen together, and quick to watch out for eachother, many saw them as a couple, even though they had never mentioned anything themselves. During their 'escape', so to speak, they made a new guild, with what few allies they had left, they called this, Roses and Thorns, named after Melo's icon, and title, "The Rose."

The guild's amount of members almost exploded over a short time, due to ex-TGR joining them, as they gained many more allies and friends, very quickly. And soon they had gathered a force to match that of The Gilded Rose's.

While RaTs was still young, She met an unusual friend, a Green Wyrm, called Rhonakus The Green. The first time she met him, was uncouncious. Melo was found by him in Dragonblight, as he flew overhead. Somehow Melo had taken a great fall, and had impacted in Dragonblight, and had been uncouncious in the snow for a long time. Rhonakus picked her up, and quickly flew her to Dalaran, he somehow managed to smuggle her inside, and delivered her to her RaTs. A few days later, Rhonakus returned to the tavern, to seek out Melo, he had apparently sensed something, and he asked Melo to come with him so they could talk private. While they were gone, Rhonakus offered Melo to become his Dragonsworn. Melo was greatly honoured, and, of course, took the Dragon up on the offer. Rhonakus granted Melo a part of his power, most of it physical, but also magical, and in other ways. This is one of the ways of how Melo remains so strong for a half-elf, it has also boosted her magical capabilities. Rhonakus later trained her to survive better against the Nightmare, and stronger foes in Melee. That is, so far, all that is known about how Melo became a Dragonsworn.

During RaTs(Roses and Thorns), Melo met a valuable ally, a Blood Elf, like herself, Nishara. Nishara founded the sister-guild of RaT, which proved to be a valuable asset and ally to them, it was also their training grounds for Assassins, and new recruits. They took care of assassinations, and other less 'popular' tasks. Nishara is still rumored to serve with Melo, but not within her Guild, they seem to have a bond of some sort, and can communicate in more than one way. Another thing one might like to note, is that Nishara appeared rather...Mysteriously, and basically out of nowhere, one rumor even mentions, that Nishara, is one of the lost Sisters..

After an event with a Night Elf, whose name is Nyra, Melo sought to punish herself, as well as wanting a way to show her care for this particular Elf. Melo made a quick and rash decision, as she often does, and soul-linked the two. Melo was of exceedingly happy with this, and cares greatly for her mark and the Elf, protecting them both as well as she can. She later copied the sigil-like symbol on her right palm, and converted it to her left palm. These two symbols not only serve Melo as a constant reminder of what she did, but also reminds her of the love between them. Having a slight orange glow to them, these marks will quickly stand out from any other upon her body.

She apparently has grown greatly in use of Runes, and both her body and battle-gear, even throwing knives, and crossbow bolts, are enchanted magically or in some other way, using runes. I do not know how big her capabilities are, but she is rumored to have defeated several other runemasters, including blowing up ones torso using two swords during an arena tournament. (Dreadwoven torunament if this is of any use to you.)

Melo's half-sister, a pure blood Blood-Elf, called Melanie who was a Vindicator, recently found Melo. Melo had never met or seen her before, but she quickly knew she spoke the truth due to her knowledge of Melo, and where she came from. Melanie wanted to ship Melo off for Vindicator training, and even though Melo didn't want to at first, Melanie somehow managed to convince Melo, if reluctantly. She was shipped off to Silvermoon, where she begun her training. (Which she never completely finished, due to a sudden dissapearence (Suspicious?) )

Melo was later rumored to have been introduced to something new, something unknown, by her sister. Some say it's the Light, which is highly doubtable from what people would say about her. Others say it is something more grand, and more secret, but nothing can be assured yet. Melanie was recently assassinated as well, rumors suggest it might have been because of her affiliations with an unknown order. But it could have been simply due to her being a Vindicator. Melanie was one of the last Khallians. Few are still rumored to exist besides Melo but only time will tell.

One of Melo's lesser known friends at the time, Moktar, an Orc, was the one to inform Melo of how her sister Melanie had really died. Apparently her sister had not been poisoned, and died a peaceful death, like Melo had been told by her brother. Instead, her brother had apparently killed her. Melanie was defeated in arena combat with him, and in the end, he, after the battle had ended, shot her in the eye with a crossbow bolt. Moktar had tried to prevent it, but was to late, the bolt had already taken impact.

We only recently found out what truly happened to Melanie. Apparently the Orc I mentioned earlier, Moktar, took care of Melanie's body. He buried her at Stillwhisper pond, right outside of Silvermoon City. Apparently there is absolutely no information about Melanie in her younger days, whatever small leads we have, simply turns up blind. I (A personal opinion, mind you.) suspect that she might have had some affiliations with an Order, or cult, of some kind. It is believed that Melo was the one to take over, which is why she was to receive her Vindicator training.

We believe that this might be a connection between Kaizer, Melo's brother, and Melanie. They both appeared out of thin air, there's basically no information about them, nor their past. They both are suspected to have ties with a order, or cult. The only information is can find on this 'gathering', is the name 'Sanctuary'. A strange report also came in, as at first, Kaizer had apparently attempted to assassinate Melo as well. (Possibly the same reason her assassinated her sister?) Reasons are unkown, sadly. Kaizer has recently dissapeared, after Melanie's death, possibly another indication, that they both worked for someone, or was affiliated with something.

The most recent event with Melo, would be one of great importance to her Dragonsworn characteristics. Apparently Melo renounced her oath as a Dragonsworn, to her former Master, Rhonakus the Green. Apparently after a long talk with a Black Dragon (Age unknown) Melo summoned Rhonakus, and asked for his permission to swear to the Black Dragon. When Rhonakus refused, Melo became furious, and renounced her oath, calling her master a fool, and saying she made a mistake when choosing him as her Master. Of course, Rhonakus drained what power he had given Melo, and for a short time, Melo was no longer a Dragonsworn. The Black Dragon, took Melo to the Obsidian Dragonshrine, where Melo swore a new oath: " I, Melo, of the Khallian family, swear allegiance to the Black Dragonflight. I will honour this promise, and everything that it might bring beyond anything else. I will do what I can to protect, and, or, serve the Black Dragonfligt to the best of my abilities. " With these words, Melo became a Dragonsworn to the Black Dragon, and it's flight. And that is how Melo betrayed her former Master and the Green Dragonflight, and thus begun a new and violent chapter in Melo's history with the Draconic race. (( Assumed, nothing violent has happened so far. ))

A description of Melo (As requested) :

Melo is exceptionally tall for her Blood-Elven kin. Taller than most Blood Elves, something which seems to stick to her family, Melo often catches interest wherever she goes due to her being almost as tall as Night Elves. She oftens uses her height to down-trod others, and she often likes to get 'in the face' of someone.

The way Melo speaks, could be interpreted as one of the 'higher class' who deems themselves better. Even though Melo is a noble, this isn't why she speaks with the arrogance and "I'm-better-than-you." attitude. Melo has a way of getting her will, either through persuasion, or force. This is why she has her attitude, why she's arrogant, and snarling. It's why she find people in general 'morons' (Which is a word she uses quite often) and will most likely only listen to reason from her friends.

Melo will almost always, be seen in dark-themed clothes. She often wears Red along with it, of which she wears a distinctive red hood along with. The hood, covers Melo's head completely, and bears a 'Mark of the Rose' on the forehead, and the back of her neck. She uses these to signal the colour of blood, and to acknowledge her Blood-Elven nature. Melo believes that, using the blood-red colour, will signal not only her being proud to be of the race she is. (Even though she does not care much for Silvermoon and the likes) But also inspire a form of 'fear' into her opponents.

On the topic of blood. Melo is rumored to have developed a fetish of sorts for blood. When the Zal'Mani amulet and it's rage was still new to Melo, she would get provoked very easily and enter the rage almost instantly. This caused her to empty her mana and physical reserves in a very short time, often bringing her into grave danger. Due to this, Melo's companion at the time, Meridia, would often feed Melo with blood directly from her own body to resupply her blood-magic depots. This caused Melo to adapt to the taste of blood and grow quite fond of it. Melo today now has a fetish for blood. Both sexually and twisted ways, like seeing it spray from her victims.

Melo also has a 'Mark of the Rose' on her real forehead. One which goes all the way into her skull, and is imprinted on there as well. Melo herself did this, during a ceremony with The Gilded Rose, to signal her loyalty to Turianoss, as well as to finally signify her becoming the Rose, and how proud she was. This was was when, and how, it became her symbol.

Melo lost her eye in an arena, during a fight with a half-vrykul called Duvarchok. Her left eye was damaged severely, beyond function, and was later removed completely. After an encounter with a very mystique person, Melo's eye was 're-gained', or healed. The only difference, is that she now has two-coloured eyes. Her right eye, is a crimson red, while her left eye is an acidic green.

Melo's physique is well-built. She trains often, and attempts to push herself to a new limit everytime, she strives to be better at what she does, and will never stop trying, even if it would be her death. Having exceptional strength through magical means, and of quite the physical capability normally, she would be stronger than she appeared.

Proud of herself, and her accomplishments, Melo walks with a certain grace and 'honour', one of which would show in leaders. One of the actual only leader traits Melo have.

She'll brag of recent achievements to her friends, but is otherwise not quick to boast of her actions to others.

Caring greatly for her friends, family and RaTs, Melo is protective of all of these, often over-protective and will gladly give her life to save any of them. Quick to help or protect, Melo is one whom can be relied upon to either help you carry all of those nasty books, or take a bullet for you.

She is, somewhat sadly, easily provoked. She will usually take a insult seriously, and be quick to sling a few back. A true trouble-maker, and quite aggressive, Melo can pick a fight in a manner of a minute, should she wish, or be unlucky enough to do so.

One would also be very unwise to judge Melo the coward. She would much rather charge into a fight well to soon, or hot heatedly stampede straight through certain death, than show a cowardly side.

Almost all of Melo's armour would be reinforced in someway. Often enchanted heavily to fit Melo's style and form of combat. As well as littered heavily with runes forming several patterns. Melo sometimes carries a special suit of armour, a glowing orange set, which is said to be a gift from someone very special to Melo. Acting as a whole-suit-armour of kinds, Melo easily finds herself at home, due to the extreme heat of the suit.

Melo carries two sets of swords. If you look at the swords only, their precisely the same, crafted the same way, weight the same, and same material as well. There is one significant different though. One pair, is enchanted by her Fire Elemental, Lord Emberflare. He dedicated a bit of himself to these swords, keeping the flames upon them ever-lasting, and with a life of their own. These small 'flame-devils' as Melo calls them, will jump upon anything unfortunate enough to be on the receiver end of them.

The other set of swords, will emanate a dark red glow, for upon these blades rests many runes, most of them affiliated in some way with blood. These are very dangerous as well, as they will drain and asborb any blood they come into contact with, transferring it in some way to Melo.

Should one get close to Melo, a distinctive feeling of heat can be felt radiating from her. Due to Melo's 'Inner Flame' she keeps herself warm, very warm. Never being cold, lest her magic is disabled, she will be warm to the touch.

Melo's appearance would be one of which is well-built, her boyish figure matching to fit. Her figure slim, and her height tall, covered with scars here and there from various fights, some bigger than others. Her hair being neither short nor tall, but just around shoulder length, being blood-red of colour. Something Melo keeps it herself, and always fit into a ponytail. Melo is proud of her hair, and cares for it greatly. Often seen smiling warmly, should one see her face, her appearance would be welcomingly and alluring, rather than matching her somewhat grim behaviour towards strangers. Having that certain glint in her eyes, as if looking for adventure, her face would have the looks of a young, fresh and experienced woman. Standing proud and certain of herself, one would most likely see her as a honourful leader.

Over the near one and a quarter century Melo has lived now, she's grown from a mere thief, to a runic battle-mage. In combat, and out of combat, some of her thief traits will still show, but she remains a caster mostly. Though there is no doubt she is a formidable opponent in melee combat as well. Melo has trained herself with swords to a level of such expertise, that she could match a weapon-master's skill. Using some form of swords her whole life. Due to her training, and the fact that Melo is a Dragonsworn, she can easily lift a two-handed sword, but, she prefers two one-handed swords, or a sword and her staff which she is rarely ever seen with.

She will nearly always be wearing her two swords, ready for any situation, should one prove itself. And charging into a fight with Melo without being ready for one heck of a fight, both Melee and Spell-wise, would most likely end in death for the poor fellow Melo would be facing. Many has seen death by her hand in arenas, ranging from Paladins, to Warriors, to even a Pandaren!

Some rumors go that Melo uses the forbidden arts of Shadow to modify her own magicks from time to time, but little has been seen so far, and nothing can truly be said about what she's capable of, one thing is sure though. She's got quite a few tricks up her sleeves.

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PostSubject: Re: Melo 'The Rose' Khallian   Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:22 am

(( This is supposed to be a report, not in any timeline, just a general report. Imagine that the person who writes all this, knows all of this, somehow. xP I know it doesn't make much sense, but it's not to be used ICly either. (: I just thought I'd give it a 'theme' or something like that. ;P (Remember to leave your thoughts! And criticism! I will appreciate if you post these things. ) More will come as I find myself willing to write, and as my fantasy will make up more. (: Or how Melo got her other abilities, like, runes (Yes I know it's awful. Everyone has runes nowadays, sue me.) ))
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PostSubject: Re: Melo 'The Rose' Khallian   Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:34 am

Awesome 'report' loved reading it.

- Rezzeeeehhh

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But every rose, also has it's thorns
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PostSubject: Re: Melo 'The Rose' Khallian   Fri Mar 04, 2011 4:52 pm

Now with a picture of how Melo is supposed to look, thanks to Niissii!
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PostSubject: Re: Melo 'The Rose' Khallian   

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Melo 'The Rose' Khallian
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