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 -The Child-

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PostSubject: -The Child-   Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:11 am

Duvarchok looks around, growling, he is in his full Sau'yr Uniform. He and a few other soldiers are sent to retrieve a few PoWs, and siege the city of Hjengiemarde. Duvar is seen riding on a warhorse, dressed in full Saronite battlegear, his hand on the hilt of his pole-axe, Zhazhy. Duvar growls once more, "I don' like the look of this.." Duvar murmurs to himself, uncertain on wether this was a trap or not. Duvar decides to continue with the operation. Duvar growls, "FIRE!" he commands, the first catapaults fly, sending thousands of molten rocks into the air, crushing into the fortress walls. The outer part of the fortress is in flames, black smoke filling in the air. Duvar jumps down, aiding the men with the battering ram, "ONE..TWO...THREE!" They slam the ram, which has a boar's head, into the gates, nearly ripping it off, the try once more, and the battering ram shatters the door, the men charge in. Duvar twirls Zhazhy around, cutting down 2-3 enemy soldiers with every swipe.

Duvar elbows a soldier in the face while he barks orders, "Move men! FORWARD! To the gates!" He hacks the man in half, his entrails drop out as his top half falls to the ground. Duvar then continues to march forward, he hears sullen cries, this catches his attention, he turns to Theleon, "You hear that?"

Theleon nods, "Aye, we'll go check it out." "But then who will order our soldiers deeper into the city?" Theleon sighs,"Well, Ezhek, if that's the case, you can go, while I keep watch, then." Duvar nods, "Thank you, Thel'v." Duvar marches closer to the source of the sounds, he opens the door, and a Kal'dorei male charges him, catching him off-guard, pouncing Duvar to the ground, Duvar easily throws the man over him, his Pole-axe ready, the Kal'dorei man lowers his blades, he studies Duvar's armor, "You're not the..You're a Icergarde..Generalissimo.." Duvar nods, "Aye, though I'm not sure why ye suddenly just charged at me out of nowhere." The Kal'dorei kneels, showing respect towards Duvar, "Apologies, Generalissimo, I thought you were the soldiers sent to execute me, and take away my wife, whom is pregnant.." Duvar nods, "Understandable.." The Kal'dorei nods, hearing even louder cries from the back room, his eyes are now filled with panic and excitement, "The child is coming!" and the Kal'dorei male runs into the room, Duvar follows, catching a glimpse of the man's wife, a young, Kal'dorei woman, seemingly in her early twenties, "Do you know how to..How to birth a child, Generalissimo?" Inquiries the man, panic and fear in his voice, Duvar nods, taking off his gloves. After a hour or so of labour, the child was born, screaming as it comes into the cold air, the only thing louder was the explosions ringing around them. Duvar smiles, "A baby girl, with a fine set o' lungs!"
Duvar hands the young child to the overjoyed father, and the overjoyed but extremely exhausted mother. The father smiles, "Thank you, Generalissimo." Duvar nods, "Don' mention i-" A explosion rings off behind Duvar, knocking him unconscious, all Duvar hears are the clatters of weapons, and the screams of the baby as gunfire rings out, two thuds are heard, then footsteps. A hour or so later, Duvar seeps back into consciousness, he realizes his situation: The mother and father are both dead. Duvar stands, looking for the infant girl, the girl was silent, Duvar kneeled before the infantile girl, he picks her up, she opens her wide eyes, beginning to cry, again. Squirming in protest of the cold, Duvar rips off a piece of his cloak, wrapping around the girl, the thick leather keeping the child warm. The infant girl falls asleep in Duvar's arms.

Duvar turns mumbling a semi-silent prayer in Sau'yr for the girl's fallen parents. Duvar stealthily rushes out of the shack, the sleeping child in his arms. His soldiers since had successfully taken the fortress, and they were dining in the hall, Duvar hears loud laughter in the distance. He smiles at the young child, and carries on. Duvar sighs, jumping into a shattered wall of the Fortress dining hall, he walks inside, the infant still sleeping, Duvar hear's Theleon's call, "DUVAR!" Duvar turns, Theleon jogs to him, "I thought you were dead or captured! What took ya so-" Theleon notices the infant Kal'dorei, he nods, "Savin' an orphanage, like that one time in Acheron?" Duvar shakes his head, "The child's parents were killed off, I was able to get 'er before she met their fate.." Theleon sighs, "Reminds ye of Chevrylla, eh?" Duvar nods, "Aye.." Theleon shrugs, "Well, we could take 'er into the orphan care, you know.." Duvar raises a brow, "I'd like to keep 'er, thanks.." Theleon raises a brow, but doesn't seem to bother with his brother, he simply sighs, "Well then..What shall you name her?" Duvar looks at Theleon, he would then stand on top of the cliff from the jagged part of the broken wall, raising the infantile girl in the air, murmuring the name, "Kathira..."

Now, Duvar stands before a deeply-made grave, tears trailing down his face, as he covered it, manly tears..Kathira had lead a life from the infant Elf, to dying a Woman, fighting for her home..Something that Duvar regrets getting her into, but is happy she died the way she did, on her feet, in utter defiance..She made him proud.
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-The Child-
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