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 Sau'yr Gods

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PostSubject: Sau'yr Gods   Fri Jan 21, 2011 5:11 pm

Good day, RaT! I've been wanting to do this for some time, but never got around to it, I present you Duvar's custom lore Deitys, to those who are interested enough in it, or those who wish to be part of the Sau'yr race..Though being the only one that knows their lore inside and out, would be very little, if any.

Let's start with the Head Gods.

hyjjk - a Holy (in the Sau'yr culture) God

Zauhyjjk - A Evil Satanic/Demonic God

Boar'hyjjk - The Main 'Good' god, he is generally seen as a Vrykul with a boar's head, two boar heads on each shoulder, and hooves. Though in his human form he is seen as a battle-guised hooded figure. His hood/robe is a light gray/white. His throne is made from limbs of Boars and pigs. He is the reason why Pork and Boar meat, unless on certain celebration, is looked upon with disgust by the Sau'yr.

Skad'hjjyk - The God of war, and/or the 'Blood god' he is a bit more of a neutral god, but he is the 'Right hand' of Boar'hyjjk, he is a reason why the Sau'yr (including Duvar) go into a near-Demonic bloodlust whenever they drink blood. His deity form is generally seen as a Skeletal creature that has flesh and bone armor, made from the dead bodies of those who are against Boar'hyjjk and the other gods (basically made from Demons and followers of demons and shit), constantly dripping with greenish/blueish blood. His human form is of a battle-guised hooded figure, his hood/robe is blood red. Skad'hyjjk's throne is a grotesque throne of body parts, mostly skulls and skeletons, with two Ram skulls in the front.

Smert'hyjjk - The God of death, he is the left hand of Boar'hyyjk, Smert'hyjjk is the angel of death, and the collector of souls, sending them to Baldash'jr (Sau'yr heaven), or Kvaldish'jr (Sau'yr hell), his form is a armored skeleton with a sleek black mail-cloth robe. His 'Human' form is a hooded undead-like figure, his hood/robe is pitch black, like the shadows themselves. Even the most bravest commanders and Generalissimo's (like Duvar) can't help but get a slight case of goosebumps whenever Smert'hyjjk's presence is around.

((Note: I will continue this later, enjoy!))
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Sau'yr Gods
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