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 The Meeting of Duvar and Ros'jin.

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PostSubject: The Meeting of Duvar and Ros'jin.   Wed Jan 12, 2011 10:29 am

Duvarchok grunts, how he let himself be talked into doing this, he'll never know, the vastness of the Zul'Aman arena is second only to the Draco'sau arena he was in many a year ago, the stench of blood, both elven and trolls, have eroded into it's seemingly ancient stone, thousands of trolls were born and fallen on this soil, it's rather miraculous that any of them are left, nonetheless open for this odded-up Arena tournament, "Oh this will be fun!" Said his old friend Cordric, "You will get a quite a sum of gold from it to spend and kill time until your orders from the north come, and you get send back up there." Duvar grunts, his blue and white armor a sharp contrast with the shadowy, jungle-like enviroment. Duvar looks around, he has already fought against a elven ranger, a few darkspear trolls, but it said that he will have to fight a actual Amani, a new foe, Duvar thought, his mind racing with the possibilites, this shall be interesting..

The Troll finally walks into the arena, clad with leather and mail armor, he looks rather young someone who is over a few thousand years old, Duvar thinks, the troll is about Duvar's size, roughly, it is difficult to tell his exact height from the distance between them in the arena, the Troll seems to marvel a bit, the Troll's voice is aged, and minorly hoarse, "Joo' bigger den most humons I face." The Troll sounds minorly impressed, "Dis looks to be interestin'.." Duvar grunts, "I can say the same thing for yerself, and yes, this will be a interesting fight.." Duvar drops his shoulder-armor, and chestplate, his broad, very scarred, but still very muscular chest, is haunched out, as Duvar makes his stance, the Troll seems to already be unarmored, only his leather/mail leg armor and fur-boots are left of his rather hunched form, the two combatants bear stances that are equally foreign to both of them.

The Troll charges at Duvar first, which is seemingly a rather bad move, the Troll attempts to slam his elbow into Duvar's side, Duvar is caught off-guard by the Troll's speed, and is nailed right in the side, Duvar grunts, stumbling back, the Troll growls, rubbing his elbow, "Joo' very solid muscle, I like dat'." The Troll roles back, readying for another strike, at any moment, Duvar grunts, a mark on his solid muscle, "Heh, and I got the hard-end of the deal.." The Troll charges, again, Duvar is able to catch the Troll, throwing the Troll over him, the Troll lands with a heaving thud, landing on his shoulder, the Troll twirls across the arena, and finally stops, a few seconds pass before the Troll makes some odd movements with his legs, and a quick twist of his torso, and the Troll is back on his feet, again.

Duvar grunts, charging slamming his elbow into the Troll's stomach, knocking the wind out of the Troll, the Troll quickly rekindles himself, jumping away from Duvar, backflipping over him, slamming both fists into Duvar's spine, fracturing it, Duvar snarls a bit as he stumbles and falls forward, holding his back, "Joo strong, bu' not limber!" The Troll taunted, Duvar rolls back into stance, Duvar charges again, quicker, and with more force, slamming the Troll across the arena, breaking the Troll's ribs, seemingly, the Troll slams into the wall, causing a 7 inch deep hole in the wall where the Troll impacted, the Troll falls to his knees, grunting, Duvar growls, still rubbing his back, before returning into the stance, the Troll spits out some blood, he drinks a sea-green substance, Troll blood, and re-takes his stance, the Troll blood quickly repairing the Troll's disparraged ribcage.

Duvar growls, both combatants charging and slamming into eachother at once, lightning flaring all around them, some of it red, and some of it normal white, Duvar snorts, the two having about equal strength, the Audience, which is full of different kinds of races, Humans, to elves, to Orcs, cheers to the point it is deafening, whistling and howling, this entices the two combatants more as they disparrage against eachother, both with facetious tempers to the fight, the Troll is the first to break the dead-lock of arms, throwing Duvar's left arm over his, dislocating Duvar's arm while Judo-flipping Duvar over the Troll, Duvar grunts, landing on his feet, holding his arm, the Troll growls, his arms took some damage from having to throw Duvar's massive weight over him.

Duvar rolls back to his feet, sighing, this fight happens with almost the same movements for nearly 30 more minutes, until..Duvar spins the Troll's arm around, lurching it back, breaking it, the Troll lightly groans, and is kicked back, the Troll spits out some blood, before turning his arm into a bear arm, and charging, slashing violently at Duvar, who is slightly caught off-guard by the sudden transformation of his arm, Duvar grabs the claw, kicking the Troll back, also popping that arm out of place, Duvar holds is dislocated arm, while the Troll just hunches a bit forward, they both stop, panting, "Joo good fighter, mon." Duvar nods, "Thanks, I could say the same fer yourself.." Duvar re-locates the Troll's arm, and they shake hands,"Tie, mon?", "Tie." "Me be Ros'jin, mon." Duvar nods, "The name's Duvarchok, pleasure to meet ya, Ros.." The two combatants walk from the arena, patting at eachother..

Now, Ros'jin and Duvar are talking in the tavern, a few centuries or so later, their friendship has been strong, they are still in search of Ros'jin's brother, Rul'jin, and they hope to find him...

"Dat's not what happened, joo sod!"

"Feh..that's from what I remember it being."

"Dat was the version joo told that Draenei girl, a year back."

"Well, it's closer to the actual truth, then."

"W'atever, mon..Joo lyin' sod.."
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The Meeting of Duvar and Ros'jin.
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