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 Garne 'T-Bone' Steelhoof

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Garne 'T-Bone' Steelhoof

Garne 'T-Bone' Steelhoof

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PostSubject: Garne 'T-Bone' Steelhoof   Sat Jan 08, 2011 4:23 am

You see the sunsetting on the barren land that is. The southern barrens, you then see two Tauren in the distance, one larger and one smaller, sitting on a kodo corpse with a large bow laying on his lap looking up to his father, before going out into the barrens, chasing the roaming kodo. This is the story of a Grimtotem Tauren named Garne Steelhoof.

He grew up as a calf in Darkcloud Pinnacle. The Grimtotem main village sitting on one of the many pillars of the thousand needles. Throughout his childhood, Garne has always wanted to be the best at what he did, and... He did, whenever he was bested at what he was doing, he kept training until he passed that person by a long shot. He was always the violent one, if someone had started a fight with him, the fight usually turned out a bit more brutal then the elders had intended, and it was often broken up by the adult Tauren seeing as nothing could keep Garne off of his enemy unless it is two times his size. When Garne became old enough around ten years old ((In Human years.)) He had learned the art of the Runemaster. At first Garne was a bit abusive of his power, he had used it to basicly gain dominance within his generation, and that didn't continue for long, seeing as Garne had felt heavy fatigue after using it for far too long at one time. As Garne grew so did his size and muscularity, and he quickly became the strongest Tauren in the tribe, and as he became stronger, he joined the military forces of the Grimtotem. Garne fought and defended the Grimtotem tribe for years, crushing his enemies on the frontlines and watching as they flee deeper into the Barrens to not feel the full power of his wrath, and seeing the attackers fall beneath his hooves as he defended his homeland.

After years of service, he left the Grimtotem tribe in search of other oppertunitys, but still holding his heritage strong. He soon dropped his racism towards the other races, by learning from a wise Tauren elder who had been living in the Barrens for many years. He then traveled to Thunderbluff, and met with many of the Bloodhoof clan Taurens, disliking of thier ways of life, how they had not settled fueds with fights, but with talk, he then left to Orgrimmar, the Orcs didn't trust the Grimtotem as much as he had hopped and he did not feel welcomed and agian set out on his own, before deciding to return to his home, Thousand Needles. On the way he had found a Alliance camp set up, possibly for scouting, he then walked closer to the camp examining the Humans work, before they spotted him, suprised at his size, they un-sheathed thier swords and charged towards him, to no avail, they were crushed easily beneath his hooves, as the Humans attacked they spit the name. "T-Bone." And that is how he aquired his nick name. Garne 'T-Bone' Steelhoof.

Class: Runemaster, Bonecrusher, Kodo Hunter.

Additude: Generally calm, but often enrages when taunted or fighting.

Weight: About 4 Tons.

Weapons: A elementium mace aswell as a large crossbow.

Fighting Style: Melee, often using his Runes to give himself a advantage.
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PostSubject: Re: Garne 'T-Bone' Steelhoof   Sat Jan 08, 2011 11:10 pm

Awesome! Loved it *claps excitedly* Short and specific, just like it's supposed to ;3 Awesome work Garne. 10/10
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Garne 'T-Bone' Steelhoof
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