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 Duvarchok's Dream

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PostSubject: Duvarchok's Dream   Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:42 pm

((The RP version! Very Happy))

Duvarchok lays in his bed, minorly drunk, and alone, he dazes in and out of sleep in the roucous Inn, he drifts off into slumber, thick, haunting memories await..

The bitter winds of the Frozen land, his homeland of the far north, shivers Duvarchok's side, but he pays little attention to it, he is speaking to his uncle Vyhladit, whom is his biological uncle, since Vyhladit has similar facial design as Duvarchok. "Those bastards finally made the first strike, eh?" Vyhladit said, Duvarchok nodded, "Aye, uncle, and they're runnin' in within our borders, which is suicide." Vyhladit nods, but minorly doubtful, "They bring with them an army of many men, most of which aren't even from that cursed city." "Aye, uncle, they will take the fightin' to the gates, to the villages, and even the inner sanctum of the temple." Duvarchok turned, the Vast towers of the Extremely large Heir-palace of the temple is seen in the distance. Duvarchok continues, "Which is a reason to bring the civilians away from here. Particularly the families of my soldiers." Vyhladit nods, and Duvar continues "The sky weeps at the loss of life, ahead, uncle, something I don't want my family to see." Vyhladit turned, "Aye, Duvar." "Well, uncle, I want you and Vyron to make sure Theleon's twin daughters and my wife and child are safe, so that if this temple-city DOES fall, they shall be safe, in the gates of Icergarde." Vyhladit shakes his head, "I shall get Vyronon, and Steivet, but the inner sanctums will provide better shelter-" Duvarchok raises his hand, "No, I want my daughter to live in a city, not a war-torn temple, what she needs is a place where she can find comfort, a place to call home." "What she needs is a LIVING FATHER!" Vyhladit snaps, minorly angered, he sighs and calms his voice, but his tone is still pressing, "What if you die? What would I say to your wife, how would I look her in the eye and say that her husband, and the father of her child is dead?" Duvarchok sighs, "Alright, old-timer, I doubt she would leave me on my own anyways, but take Chevrylla and Kvyella with you, but I must say my goodbyes, first."

A few hours later, Duvarchok is talking with his wife, whom is an elf, they say their goodbyes, "Kitrana, Good luck, my dear wife." Kitrana nods, silvery tears run down her face, "Good luck, and be safe, Duvarchok. Kvaes mulat oi Khvor maduim." ("Return with your shield or on it.") Duvarchok nods and turns to his daughter, whom let go of her mother's hand and hugged her father. Today was her 7th birthday, a shame that he had to fight during such a happy occasion. "Here," says Duvarchok, while taking out a Amulet, with a bear as the pendant, "Be brave while I'm gone." She nods, she is also mixed of elven, and takes the amulet, putting it over her head, "Be safe, daddy." She says wistfully, small silvery tears run down her face, "I shall, Dranya..I shall.." Duvarchok then turns toward his Neices, Chevrylla and Kvyalla, whom was 16 and 3 at this time. They both hugged Duvarchok, "C'mon, unca." Chevrylla pressed, "I want to fight with you, and the others!" Duvarchok shakes his head, "No, be with your sister, and that's final, Chevrylla." "Why don't you want me at your side, unca? Don't you love me?" Duvarchok sighs, "That is the reason why I don't let you leave with me, I couldn't bear losing any of you, why, even the thought..I don't even want to think it, Chevrylla." "C'mon, unca! PLEASE! I can fight!" Duvarchok sighs again, "Chevrylla Amirda Flikarov, you are barely the age to wield a sword, let alone fight at my side against such a threat as this! But, before I go, I must give you this, Chevrylla.." Duvarchok then hands Chevrylla a amulet, much like the one he gave his daughter, but with a Raven whom's wings were streched instead of a bear, "You shall fight, Chevrylla, but that day is not today." Duvarchok then kissed Chevrylla and Kvyalla on the forehead and left shortly after.

"'bout damn time, you came, 'issi!" Says Vyronon happily (( " 'issi" is the common abbreviation for the Sau'yr High rank of "Generalissimo")) towards Duvarchok, whom smiled. Duvarchok, with his Uncle Vyhladit, is in full Sau'yr Generalissimo Armor. Duvarchok nods, "Move out." and they head towards the gates, which are beautifully made of metals mixed, mostly Saronite and Titansteel, this mixture is called Skorvaldy.

The soldiers are ready, thier arms ready. Duvarchok walks in front of them, " KALU'K MAJ'IN KABAR! FOR ICERGARDE!" The Soldiers, whom of which is in the thousands, slam their swords, shields, maces, axes, whatever weapon/shield they have, onto their chest, or, if wielding a two-handed blade, on their other gauntlet, chanting, "HAU'UGH! HAU'UGH! HAU'UGH! SKALDBY M'ADAR BULATIK, SKALBY M'ADAR SKUL'MIB K'ULAT!" ("More blood to the blood god! More skulls to the skull throne!" Discerning the Sau'yr blood god, and also the Sau'yr god of war, Skad'hyyjk, is watching over them from his skull throne) After they hype, Duvarchok looks over, smiling as his brother, Theleon, joins his cause with a few more hundred men.

"Ah, Theleon, I thought you'd have forgotten." Duvarchok says with relief as he pats Theleon on the shoulder, Theleon nods, "I wouldn't miss this for the world, brother, time to see how Uncle's training has suited you, Duvarchok." Duvarchok nods, smiling, "I'll gladly, with Zhazhy to aid me in battle." (Zhazhy= Blood Very Happy)

Theleon nods, "Well, my brother, they are closing in, I know they shall be here, soon." Duvar nods, "Aye-"

A random Sau'yr soldier yells in frightened astonishment, "HERE THEY COME!!"

Duvar and Theleon turn, a massive explosion rings through the gates, blowing them apart, Duvar nods, "Take yer men and the Civilians to safety, brother, I'll get the first taste o' battle." Then jumps down. Duvar runs down, with his pole-axe, Zhazhy He swaths his path through the enemy soldiers, taking out two or three with each strike of his axe, Duvar slices and dices through the Violent fray of soldiers, Duvar hears a howling sound that made him stop for a split second, looking up, "Bloody 'ell.." Duvar growls to himself at to what is before his eyes.

"DRACO'SAU GIANT, MOVE BACK!" Duvar called, half of his men followed his orders and took the fighting slightly backwards, while the others charged into the frays. Duvar cursed, his pause got him surrounded by seven enemy soldiers, all either carrying Great-axes, claymores, spears, or War-hammers. They all charged, Duvar dropped his pole-axe and pretended to surrender, The men stop, looking confused, the grab some chains to shackle Duvar in, Duvar grabs a soldier's spear, jostling it across the soldier's face, knocking him out, Duvar grabs his pole-axe and sheaths it, while impaling another soldier, killing the man, a soldier with a war hammer attacked, raising his hammer, Duvar dodges, grabbing the hammer by it's underside and throw it behind him, and impales the soldier, Duvar plants the spear into another enemy soldier's chest, before grabbing Zhazhy once more, Duvar hears the sound of doors shatter, his heart drooped a bit, that could only mean one thing: they have finally broken into the inner sanctum. Duvar howls, charging to defend the inner sanctum, fighting with more viciousness and brutality than before, swathing through 4-5 men instead of 2-3, a few hundred soldiers charge, coming to his aid. Duvar and the soldiers are now locked in violent combat in defense of the entrance of the inner sanctum, once again, Duvar hears a roar in the distance, and a part of the outer wall shatters like glass as the Giant lumbers into the battlefield. Duvar growls, his eyes scouring for his uncle and right hand, Duvar finally decides to call for a Sau'yr Lieutenant, and tells him to defend the entrance at all costs.

Duvar then turns to the Lumbering giant, which has a siege crew on it's back, Duvar charges the giant, slicing it's toe, the giant howls in pain, and tries to stomp on Duvar, who 'bit.' him, Duvar rolls out of the way and slashes the other toe, the giant howls again, it's completely ignoring the frantic whippings of it's 'Driver'.
Duvar climbs upon the giant's arm, the giant howls with frustration as it furiously throws it's arm around in a desparate attempt to throw Duvar off, Duvar let's himself be thrown, he is shot straight up into the air, after a few seconds he falls on the Driver, killing him.

Duvar finishes off the rest of the crew, and preceeds to impale one of the giant's eyes, blinding it, as such, Duvar jumps, skidding Zhazhy Down the giant's other limbs. The giant howls in intense pain, Duvar was able to grab some rope and wrap it around the giant's ankles, the Giant finally trips, impaling itself on a sharp piece of the outer wall. Duvar nods, re-joining the fray. The soldiers slowly were being pushed to the inner-sanctum entrance, where the others reside. Soon, the inner sanctum gives way, and where there was silence, aside from the occasional grunts of women, and small yelps from small children. Was shattered by howls and clashings of war. Duvar charges, cutting up soldiers, as they ignore the women and children huddling in darkened Corners, Duvar finishes off a soldier before hearing a blood-curtling scream, Chevrylla's scream..

Duvar's heart sank as he jumped out of the violent fray, silently checking up on the women and children of the other familie's while he was sprinting toward the main hall. He blasts open the doors, and to his horror, his Neice Chevrylla, mortally wounded, about to be finished off by a Soldier, Duvar Charges the soldier, impaling him, ripping him in half, before throwing his half-dead corpse into the fire, he throws his pole-axe away, going to Chevrylla's Aid. Chevrylla is losing much blood, and appears to be in severe pain, Duvar holds her, giving her comfort in her final moments, before she said "Do it.." Duvar slowly realized what she meant, he unsheaths the hunting knife, big silvery tears running down his face. He grabs Chevrylla's hand, she nods, Duvar tearfully raises his knife, slicing her throat in remorse. Her hand goes limp after a few seconds. Duvar holds her body close..

Duvar throws his head forward, snapping out of his dream, he sits on his bed, cross-legged. Duvar takes out the Raven locket, now worn, he holds it next to the purple splotch on his neck, he buries his face into his hands and quietly wept, alone in the dark..
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PostSubject: Re: Duvarchok's Dream   Wed Feb 02, 2011 5:05 pm

AMG WALL OF TEXT /endtroll

No really *clears throat*. Nicely written, and a good read. Five stars =3 *****
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Duvarchok's Dream
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